With a special emphasis on the Singapore financial market, we ensure comprehensive assurance advisory services that meet the demands of the industry to give our clients to proceed with their business objectives. Our accountants are experts in the field and are capable of providing valuable insight that will help clients come to informed decisions that are advantageous to their business.

• Audit

A more intensive examination of an organisation’s financial report than a review, an audit functions to provide transparency on the organisation’s financial situation, demonstrating that the information presented in its annual financial report reflects the actual profits/losses and its owned/owed assets at any given point of time.

Our firm provides the following audit and assurance services:

  • Statutory Audits of Financial Statements
  • Special Purpose Audit
  • Agreed Upon Procedures
  • Review Audit
  • Internal Control and System Reviews

• Business Advisory

Every business organisation is different and it takes more than just a good understanding of the business world to make the best business decisions. By building a close working relationship with our clients and gaining an in-depth understanding of their business operations, we are able to provide business advisory solutions that are relevant to their organisation for the best possible outcomes.

We offer the following services:

  • Due Diligence
  • Forensic Investigation

• Corporate Recovery

Challenging economic times inevitably leads to greater risk of companies encountering financial difficulties. Corporate recovery involves the processes behind that creditors, suppliers or employees of failing businesses get the best deal.

Business Valuation

Evaluating the economic value of a business and determining its profitability is an important service that any business enterprise desires. Accurately assessing the value of a business requires a substantial amount of background knowledge in the field – a skill and talent that we can offer.

The process of business valuation is also characterised by disputes that will be inevitably raised by rivals who use the same methods to depreciate the value of your business for their benefit. Our accountants know how to counter these threats, carefully devising counter cases against them and mitigating their effect in your favour to protect the value of your business.

Liquidation & Members Winding Up

We provide advisory services for liquidation and members winding up cases for both solvent and insolvent companies. In the event of liquidation or members winding up, our appointed liquidator will handle all legal proceedings to realise the company’s assets to pay off creditors, resolve outstanding legal matters and distribute surplus assets to stakeholders.