About Us

Established in 2007, Entrust Public Accounting Corporation offers professional services in areas of assurance, advisory, accountancy, tax, corporate secretarial and business process outsourcing services to a wide range of businesses in Singapore, with the goal of delivering highly personalised solutions encompassing a wide range of services for our clients, regardless of their industry or organisational size.

Dynamic and proactive in our approach to our profession, adaptable and professional in our delivery of it, our services represent a cost-effective answer for clients looking to receive reliable services that will protect and grow their operations.

We approach our work with adaptability and professionalism to deliver highly personalised solutions that are tailored to our clients’ needs, regardless of their industry, organisational size or level.

An increasingly interdependent global economy has seen the need for local businesses to reach out overseas in search of new markets, talents and resources. As a member firm of CH International, Entrust Public Accounting Corporation joins a greater international cooperative comprising of accountants, auditors, tax specialists and business advisors from countries around the world. This cooperation lays the groundwork for trust between members, who then share their expertise and knowledge of the legal atmosphere of their respective countries to facilitate seamless overseas expansion for other members. It also gives its members the capabilities of a larger advisory practice while maintaining the cost-effectiveness of a smaller one. Thus, our membership with CH International places us in a unique position to help your company with its overseas expansion plans–with a greater strategic focus and confidence of fulfilling its legal obligations wherever it goes.


Our pledge to excellence means that we are always looking for ways to upgrade and refine our skills, methods and knowledge.


Trust and confidence are the defining elements of an effective audit and consultancy service relationship. By always dealing with our clients in a fair and ethical manner we ensure that this trust is never lost.


Our clients and their businesses are as much our concern as it is theirs, and we take the time to familiarise ourselves with our client’s needs in order to deliver solutions that are truly best for them.


We take it upon ourselves to always give our clients what they need and to work responsibly to ensure that their trust in us is never misplaced.


Our vision is to become a leader in the audit and financial consulting industry in Singapore with the demonstrated capabilities of large accounting entity but with the personality of a small one.


Our mission is to raise the standard for audit and financial consulting services in Singapore for the benefit of our clients, abiding by integrity, confidentiality and professionalism in our conduct at all times.