Audit and Assurance

Here at Entrust, we aim to provide quality and effective services by our team of professional in accordance with the legal and ethical business policies. Each audit engagement is customised to match our clients’ operational size, industry and business environment, so as to enhance the value of our audit services, while remaining cost competitive. An independent audit is essential to good corporate governance and effective internal financial control function.

Our qualified professional team are equipped with excellent expertise in auditing, years of experience and training. We understand how vital audited financial statements are to businesses, owners/shareholders, investors, lenders, and other stakeholders. We also support you to make company audits a breeze and a great way to understand your business risks. Tap on the expertise of our auditors as they work with you to devise a practical audit solution for your business — one that is cost-effective and on time.

We provide the special purpose audits on specific financial information for specific purposes to specific users including the audit on specific areas of the financial statements or projects in relation to grants, revenue turnover, incentives, lucky draws, etc.

We perform audit procedures under the agreed-upon engagement in respect of any information relating to your company’s or other economic entity’s activity.

What separates a review from an audit is that reviews only provide limited assurance. A review involves less detail than an audit and involves more enquiry of management/staff and analytical review work rather than substantiating balances.

An internal control review provides company leaders with assurance about the effectiveness of its internal environment situation. Internal controls protect a company from financial loss as well as help the organization maintain reliable financial reporting and operate more efficiently and securely.

Meet our Professionals

Jason Lew

Jason Lew

Managing Director

Jason Lew has over 18 years of audit and advisory experience, working with both small companies and large multinational organizations alike. Mr. Lew is also adept at training Entrust employees, ensuring a high standard of service.

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